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We moved from Colorado and are now located in southern Indiana. We welcome visitors to our discus hatchery.

In addition to discus mail order sales be sure to visit our Online Store for all your discus fish supply needs. Click on the Shopping link below. A PayPal account is not required to shop at the store.

We offer high quality discus for sale. The stock list shows  discus fish strains we offer. It is important to verify current availability before ordering as it can change quickly. We do strive to keep the stocklist current. With new strains of discus fish we want to work with we obtain the stock from the original discus fish breeder who developed it. It is quarantined for several weeks and health screened. We have exciting new color forms we are working with. We also stock wild discus when in season in the Amazon. We import wild discus directly from our supplier in San Paulo, Brazil. The wild imported discus are quarantined and professionally treated prior to sale. Whether you wish to acquire discus fish breeder stock or just want some nice healthy discus fish to enjoy, we can fill your needs. Our focus is on offering quality discus fish for sale that are healthy, vigorous, nicely shaped and grow well while developing excellent coloration.

Our discus fish were selected by the National Aquarium in Baltimore for use in one of the Amazon exhibits. Shortly thereafter, the 3,000 gallon aquarium at Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Baltimore used our discus in that display. It is maintained by the staff at the Baltimore Aquarium. Marineland® recently introduced a 70 gallon corner aquarium to the market. Our discus were used for the photo shoot and can be seen in almost any fish shop that stocks this aquarium. A display of the discus fish in the planted corner 70 is attached to each aquarium. To see the display ad just navigate to our customer gallery. A recently completed project involved setting up a 900 gallon planted display aquarium that contains a few select catfish along with a group of adult discus fish which have formed pairs. We carry select wild caught discus fish when in season. All wild discus fish are quarantined and treated for parasites before selling. While we do not supply the plants, we can supply the discus fish to turn your aquarium into a true display of living art. We can refer you to an excellent plant source.
Note: Our discus fish are shipped at a ph of 6.8 in medium hardness water for easy acclimation. We are not discus wholesalers. We do not supply discus to any online discus vendors. We sell our discus fish directly to discus fish hobbyists.

Current Discus Fish Stock List

Alenquer Discus Fish
Blue Diamond Discus Fish
Brilliant Blue Discus Fish
Ocean Green Discus Fish
Pearl Pigeon Discus Fish
Spotted Leopard Discus Fish
Leopardskin Discus Fish
Leopard Pigeon Discus Fish
Ica Red Discus Fish
Blue Snake Skin Discus Fish
Snow White Discus Fish
Red Turquoise Discus Fish
Royal Blue Discus Fish
Red Melon Discus Fish (white face)
Super Red Melon Discus Fish
Red Pigeon Discus Fish
Solid Blue Turquoise Discus Fish
Millenium Gold Discus Fish
Green Leopard Discus Fish
Leopard Snakeskin Discus Fish
Golden Snakeskin Discus Fish

If you have been wanting to try keeping discus fish but have been hesitant to try ordering your discus by mail order, we would like to speak with you. Ordering discus by mail order can be fun and exciting and allows you to obtain discus of a much higher quality. Our discus fish are hardy, colorful and excellent for someone just starting in the hobby. Below is a link to our customer gallery which contains recent testimonials from customers who have purchased discus fish by mail order from us.

PAYMENT : You can pay by PayPal, check, money order or bank wire. You may also order by phone using any type debit or credit card.


Customer gallery and testimonial page features customer comments about their mail order experience ordering discus from Rocky Mountain Discus :

Customer Testimonials

To view the photo images of our discus fish click on the gallery link below

Discus Fish Photo Gallery

Click here for our discus food recipe: Discus Fish Food Recipe

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